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About Us

Intruducing SYNCDEVICE


Founded in 2011, it is a specialized company that develops, manufactures, and produces products necessary for daily life based on technologies of electricity, electronics, and  telecommunication.
We think and plan from the customer's point of view in order to give them the best value they can experience.
Currently, we manufacture, produce, and distribute products related to cellular phone accessories which is advance of cellular phone charging devices, high efficiency wireless charger and power bank, home charger, car charger, wireless charging mouse pad, USB cables and so on that we specialize.

We will be a company that always tries to supply products that meet customer needs.
Product planning, design, and R&D are developed domestically, and production is sourced from overseas.

SYNCDEVICE will grow into a leading company in the world by innovating with more progressive and creative ideas.

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Meet the Team
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